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DATA-CUBE3 - the ultra-compact recorder opens the horizon to a new experiment style

December 2017: Important notice to our users: It is necessary to upgrade to the new conversion software CubeTools (Release 2017.340) due to a leap second adjustment!



The DATA-CUBE3 was developed at the GFZ Potsdam. It is now produced and distributed by Omnirecs a recently founded spin off from the GFZ. Omnirecs is directed by A. Schulze (former head of the Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP)). Thus a great amount of experience both for construction of geophysical recorders as well as the requirements of field experiments to equipment are concentrated at Omnirecs. The resulting philosophy for the new development was a consequent separation of functions necessary during field work and the subsequent processing and interpretation in the lab. At the same time factors influencing the logistics of a field experiment were taken into account. First a recorder was developed ( and successfully tested) in a preliminary 1-channel version in different field experiments (e.g. Cyprus, Namibia). Subsequently a 3 channel version (DATA-CUBE3) was developed (and again successfully tested in Indonesia).
DATA-CUBE3 meets the following demands:
- extreme low power consumption
- robust and highly reliable
- ultra compact size
- accurate time base
- easy to handle in the field
- low price